Disney classic remake: A wish come true!

Disney remake Aladdin proves to live up to the classic 1992 film

The 2019 remake of Aladdin is a show of pure spectacle! A loyal but rejuvenating take on the original, the movie is a wondrous journey that will have you enthralled from beginning to end.

The story follows the original, and is not very divergent, but does well in building the characters’ story arcs and relationships with one another.

The cast does a wonderful job, especially Will Smith as the Genie, who gives a wonderful performance that is funny as well as heartwarming. It may be a different style from Robin Williams, but if you can’t replicate Robin, then find an actor with his own unique style of humour.

Aladdin is still his charming, adventurous self and also has plenty of comedic and heartwarming moments. There is also Jafar, who is not only younger than his cartoon counterpart, but we are also given some more insight into his motive and backstory.

The actress for Princess Jasmine is also highly noteworthy, with a performance that is so powerful and genuinely passionate; a perfect fit for this film.

The effects in this film are very well done in this film, especially in the Cave of Wonders and during the musical numbers, but once in a while, they will look a little off. The production and costume design were absolutely astounding, with beautifully intricate details to the characters costumes and sets that are grand and ornate at times or others that are minimalistic and humble.

The music is, of course, the most memorable part of the original Aladdin, and the remake does not disappoint, especially with the songs “Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali” which are full of spectacle and have incredible choreography. We are also given a new song from Jasmine called “Speechless” which is a beautiful message of female empowerment. The only problem with the songs is the fact that Jafar doesn’t get to sing and that his villain song was cut from the film, but it would have seemed out of place for that song to randomly appear anyway.

Overall, this film was a remake that was a little by the numbers but managed to make viewers feel refreshed and immersed. With a great production design, gorgeous costumes and beautiful musical numbers. This film will take you to a whole new world.