Tenth annual CFBX Record Fair returns

TRU’s campus radio station CFBX will be hosting their record fair

While the spring volunteer drive is over, you can still get in on the fun! Simply head over to the radio station, located behind CAC. (FILE PHOTO)

It’s that time of year again, music lovers! On May 26, TRU’s campus radio station, CFBX, will be hosting their tenth annual record fair at the Sahali Mall. Vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, posters, t-shirts, musical instruments, stereo equipment and much more will be available from a variety of vendors.

According to station manager Brant Zwicker, this year’s event might be the largest yet, with 57 vendors in total.

“We’ve sold out, we’ve got 57 tables,” he said. “We’ve got some new stuff I’m excited about. Salmon Arm Roots and Blues will be there, our connections storytelling organization here will have a table.”

Zwicker added that there is one vendor in particular that he’s really excited for: a local Kamloops man who makes cigar box guitars.

“We’ve got a guy who makes cigar box guitars. I just about fell down, I think I’m going to buy one,” Zwicker said. “They are literally a real cigar box, or they’re built to look like one, they’re from the 1800s.”

In addition to these strange instruments from another era, the record fair will also be host to a number of t-shirt vendors. While Zwicker says that not every vendor has to sell instruments or CDs, all merchandise need to have a “musical angle.”

“We’ve got a t-shirt company, it’s all things musical. The shirts need a musical angle,” he said. “We’ve partnered with the Fox’n Hounds. For every X number of dollars spent at the fair, you’re going to get a gift certificate to the Fox.”

A vintage fridge wrapped to look like a jukebox and stuffed with refreshments will also be available through a silent auction.

Unlike in previous years, this year’s record fair will be running alongside an online-only Facebook auction. While the record fair and the online auction are separate events, the radio station hopes to do a bit of cross-promoting.

“They are kinda connected, but the online one will start May 15 and run until June 15,” Zwicker said. “It’ll strictly be on Facebook, products and services, so people can bid on stuff there. We are going to wrap it up on the 15th of June at St. Andrews with live music, kind of a party.

At the party at St. Andrews on the Square, people will be able to pick up the items that they’ve won in the auction. Zwicker adds that the idea for an auction originally came from a volunteer at the radio station.

“That came from one of the volunteers. It started off as an art auction and then we thought about products and services, it could be an oil change, it could be a case of beer,” he said. “It’s not a new idea, but for us, it’s the first time.”

In addition to all this, CFBX’s programming coordinator Steve Marlow says that the radio station is always looking for new volunteers. While Marlow admits that this year’s spring volunteer drive was “a bit disappointing,” he has high hopes for procuring more volunteers this fall.

“We’re always looking for volunteers. Even if we don’t get them during the drives, sometimes we’ll just have people come by,” Marlow said. “Different languages, different styles; even if you don’t have an idea, you come up here and we give you the training you need and get you on the air. It is easy, it’s a lot of fun and we give you everything you need.”