Kamloops brings acceptance and drag to the Rex

ASK Wellness holds annual Mx. Judged pageant to raise funds for those in need

Mx. Ella Vader (right) recieves honor of 2019 Mx. Judged. (Cailyn Mocci)

ASK Wellness brought the ultimate gender-bending show to the stage of the Rex Hall with the 2019 Mx. Judged Pageant.

To raise funds for all that ASK Wellness does for those struggling in the community, the Mx. Judged Pageant was anything but tame. The pageant pushed boundaries and worked towards celebrating individuality and acceptance.

ASK Wellness has been working hard in Kamloops to provide safe housing, harm reduction and dignified treatment for those in need. All proceeds raised at the 2019 Mx. Judged go towards keeping the dedication and service ASK Wellness provides going.

The night was hosted by TRU Storyteller and Kamloops personality Alicia Ashcroft and the talented Mx. Ruby Snapdragon (Patrick Surette), the 2017 Mx. Judged winner. The evening was full of witty banter between the two and not one, not two, but four outfit changes from Mx. Snapdragon.

Judges Kathy Sinclair, Ryan Scorgie and Acacia Pangilinan held the daunting task of crowning this year’s Mx. Judged and they had their work cut out for them. Among the nine contestants, all had the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to be this year’s winner.

This year’s contestant line up included Mx. Ella Vader (Peter Cameron-Inglis), Mx. Sage Brush (Danalee Baker), Mx. Harry Legg (Tara Holmes), Mx. Swatita (Max Patel), Mx. Johniffer Juicy (Adrian Romeo), Mx. Christina Wrong (Christopher Wright), Mx. Glitter Sparkles the Moon Bear (Nick Curnow), Mx. Together (Laura Hsu) and Mx. Imma Ture (Sheldon Shore).

The evening was full of drinks, laughs and acceptance. Cheryl Doolan, the Director of Culture and Operations of ASK Wellness, encouraged the audience to laugh and not take everything so seriously.

Contestants brought their drag personas to life in three categories; talent, swimsuit and interviews. With talents like speed puzzle solving, interpretive roller skating and classic drag anthems the audience was anything but bored.

The evening’s judging was tight but ultimately the title of  Mx. Judged 2019 was awarded to Mx. Ella Vader and their gender-bent rendition of classic Star Wars villan Darth Vader. Mx. Judged runner up and People’s Choice was awarded to Mx. Harry Legg. Mx. Congeniality was awarded to the non-binary queen Mx. Johniffer Juicy.