Every DC movie ranked: what to watch before Shazam

Wondering what to watch before Shazam comes to theatres, check out our list below

With Shazam coming out this week, it was time to catch up on the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). But with so many films that are objectively terrible, some films should be skipped before seeing the man-child-god in theatres. Here is every DCEU film ranked from skippable to must-watch.

#6: Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

A movie where Batman fights Superman that’s based on one of the best comics of all time should be good. It’s literally built in, yet this movie is so boring that it’s incredible how bad it is. With such bad writing, such as the now infamous “Martha” scene to the ugly looking Doomsday to Jesse Eisenberg making viewers cringe every time he opens his mouth, this movie fails at every turn. Stay clear of this picture, it doesn’t hold any details that become important so it should die where it stands.

#5: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is stupid-type fun. It’s badly written (with some great lines such as “This is Katana, her sword traps the souls of its victims,” to “What are we, some kind of suicide squad?”), poorly edited and downright weird at times. It’s saving graces are the comedic values of the cast who are trying their best. It’s a fun ride but like Batman V. Superman, it can be skipped.

#4: Justice League

Justice League is moderately fun. It is a recommended watch just due to its plot, and the Flash is a treat of a character to watch, but nothing more than that. The plot is basic, the villain is weak, the interactions are awkward to watch (with most people not wanting to be there), etc. The story of how this film was made is far more interesting than the movie itself, but in the end, it is worth a watch.

#3: Aquaman

This show was recently in theatres and it was entertaining. Jason Mamoa tried so hard with this character and you could see the love he had for this film. And honestly, it’s pretty good for a fun action flick. The only problem is that it tries to fit several stories into a two and a half hour run time and it becomes too much too fast. A regular viewer will be exhausted 30 minutes in, and it just goes on from there with so much exposition that it drags the film down to the depths of the ocean it’s trying to portray. It’s not needed for any tie-ins, but the passion for this adventure can be felt and that alone deserves the time of day.

#2: Man of Steel

The film that started it all, Man of Steel is good for what it is. It holds a good amount of plotholes, but for an origin story for one of the most powerful characters ever created, it’s damn good at showing a defining Superman. To get into this universe, it’s almost required to start here. The acting is top notch from everyone involved and it’s enjoyable for people who aren’t comic book fans.

#1: Wonder Woman

This film is the definitive film for the DCEU thus far, with it being the only film in this series that holds a great plot and a great main character at the same time. Wonder Woman is so charismatic and compelling that it holds the film up further than any other film in this cinematic universe. The theme alone is worth viewing, holding such a powerful message that describes the issue of a black and white perspective of evil and the dangers that it brings. Wonder Woman is fantastic and gives DC’s heroes a worthwhile chance of making an impact on film and for that, it’s a must watch.