TRUSU hosts candidates forum

The three-day event allowed candidates to talk about their platform

The 2019 winter semester is rapidly drawing to a close which means that the TRUSU election season is upon us. As is customary in the student election cycle, TRUSU hosted three different forums wherein each member from the three slates as well as independent candidates running were asked questions on how they would improve student life on and off campus if they were elected.

Three separate forums that took place over three days focused on different aspects of the student union body. In order the events were as followed, the forum for executive representative candidates, the forum for constituency candidates and finally the forum for committee candidates. The Progressive Student Advocates slate had the most candidates appearing, but there were candidates for the Alliance slate, the For the Lulz slate, as well as independent candidates present throughout the forums.

The first day opened with the Vice President External candidates, Kole Lawrence (PSA) and Brock Morford (For the Lulz). Whereas the Vice President Internal was the only position for the day to have a representative from each of the three registered slates. Mackenzie Byers (PSA), Tylor Pater (FTL), and Robert Younger (Alliance) were the three candidates that engaged in the discussion.

Younger was quick to speak out on an issue his slate has taken as a core tenant of their platform, transparency in student government.

“One of the ways I think TRUSU can be really improved is if more people had an understanding of what the student union is and student government is up to,” he said.

Pater and Byers took opposing views on how to improve student events.

“One event that we have is the movie night, so my question is why do we only have one?” Pater put forward when prompted on events at the school. “I think it’s an enjoyable event that a lot of people might turn out for, especially if we had more of them.”

“One event that I believe I would choose for the entertainment committee to improve on would be Common Voices,” Byers answered with. “I felt like we were missing the student body.”

She followed up with regarding the guest based event.

To finish the day off Fraser Barclay (Alliance) and Sierra Rae (PSA) took to discussing approaches they would take if elected as TRUSU president. Unfortunately, Ndumiso Makunura (Independent) was unable to attend. Barclay announced that his slate would be focused on tightening the TRUSU purse strings, while Rae said she would take steps to make problems like parking on campus more palatable.

The forum for constituency candidates was overwhelmingly dominated by members of the PSA slate. But returning to a multi-candidate field, the final event, the forum for committee candidates saw Henry Albuquerque (FTL), Paras Luthra (PSA), Tek Nath (Alliance), Kunwar Rajdeep (PSA), and Idan Yacobovitch (Alliance) all presented for the two entertainment positions available.

Overall there was a consistent thread for each slate; The PSA candidates largely had the privilege of benefiting from the slate being in a position of power over the past two semesters and being able to serve as members-at-large or other subordinate positions, the Alliance candidates were unified for lower fees and cutting perceived unnecessary components of TRUSU, and For the Lulz were unprepared and cracked milquetoast jokes to a largely unreceptive audience.


  1. Henry Albuquerque Mar. 18, 2019
  2. Tylor Pater Mar. 18, 2019