KFF film review: Anthropocene – The Human Epoch

Canadian documentary Anthropocene – The Human Epoch shows the growing destruction that humankind is slowly but surely causing on our only home, Earth. Directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky and Nicholas de Pencier, this documentary juggles the natural beauty of the many environments and the man-made reengineering of our planet.

This documentary beautifully contrasts nature with the man-made making the audience truly understand humankind’s desires to obtain full control of our planet. Anthropocene spans over six continents and 20 countries and beautifully notes that if humans don’t slow down soon we may be left with a barren planet.

Showcasing the damages of over mining all over the world, clear-cutting in the beautiful forests of B.C. and the growing danger of extinction of many of the Earth’s species (to name a few), Anthropocene brings to the conversation the facts many wishes to avoid.