TRU MBB head coach Scott Clark optimistic about future

Despite failing to qualify for the playoffs, the men's basketball team's future still looks bright

Sport is all about the details. Details make a difference in the final result.

A team can play good basketball for three quarters but still lose it in the fourth and a team can shoot well consistently and still lose by one.

For the WolfPack men’s basketball team little details were a factor in the team missing the playoffs.

If you sit down and look at the statistics TRU was good offensively but defensively they were inconsistent and ultimately they paid the price for it.

This is a fact head coach Scott Clark is well aware of. Clark acknowledged that individually the team needs to improve defensively.

“We lost a lot of close games,” Clark said.

He added he felt the team played well enough to win a lot more games but in the key moments the team was unable to play their best basketball.

TRU was 6-14 this season and finished in 14th place in the Canada West division.

The record doesn’t present evidence of a team with playoff potential but a close examination of scoring statistics does.

Clark also gave special praise to departing player Derek Rhodes, a player who he described as a terrific student and person.

Rhodes averaged the most points for TRU with 14.3 per game. Clark concluded the subject by voicing his support and wishing him all the best for the future.

Clark expressed his desire for better recruitment, something that can make or break a college program.

A team can have quality coaching and motivated players but hard work and a positive attitude alone doesn’t lead to success; talent is the most important factor.

He also took responsibility for the team’s performances and admitted that he could do more to help his team and players.

Clark didn’t make the statement because he has been doing a bad job but because he has an understanding that there is always room for improvement from every individual.

Despite all the challenges, he continues to be optimistic, the one positive going into next season will be that the team will be retaining all their core group of players.

Continuity and growth are key ingredients to a successful team, the ’Pack has the former and will be hoping for the latter next season.