International Days to kick off March 11

Themes this year include sustainability, peace and justice

Now in its 26th year, IDays has been a major success not just for TRU but the entire Kamloops community. Celebrations start March 11. (FILE PHOTO)

It’s that time of year again. International Days at TRU is rapidly approaching. This year’s IDays will be the 26th time the event has been celebrated on campus since its inception in 1994. When IDays first began it was attended by around 30 students but has since grown to a massive week-long festival. The series of events begins on March 11 and goes until the end of the week.

“IDays is basically an opportunity to share culture and international experience and to celebrate the diverse community we have at TRU and in Kamloops. As you know we have over 3000 international students so we love how our students are so engaged in the community and on campus. It’s a great way to show their culture to other people,” Carolina Bovi, social media coordinator for TRU World told The Omega. “Every year we focus on something different and we try and connect the keynote speaker to all the events that are happening with that theme. This year we’re focusing on a lot on engaging staff and the community and having events that are open to everyone. We don’t have as many events as last year because we’re focused on bringing big keynote speakers.”

If magnitude and size is one of the goals for IDays this year, then TRU World has certainly achieved that with the first speaker of the week.

“One of our keynote speakers this year is Amanda Lindhout. Amanda’s story is really cool. She was an independent journalist and she went to Somalia to cover some sort of news and then she got kidnapped and she came back to Canada and wrote a book about it. We’re having a huge event where there will be 700 to 800 people and she’ll be able to tell her story and about what she talks about in her book,” Bovi said.

Lindhout will be speaking from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. for free on Monday, March 11 in the Grand Hall room located on the second floor of the Campus Activity Centre. Lindhout released the New York Times bestseller, A House in the Sky, which is a recounting of the 15 months she spent as a captive of a militant Islamic group in Somalia.

“This year the team is celebrating culture, diversity and innovation. So IDays a few years ago we started to follow the sustainable UN goals. This year we’re focusing on sustainable communities and access to quality education, peace, justice and sustainable institutions and partnership as a means to achieve goals,” Bovi explained.

While last year the focus was on different culinary approaches around the world, food will still play a pivotal role in the celebration this year. Throughout the week there will be a multitude of different cultures showcased through traditional cuisine at multiple venues on campus. The countries include but are not limited to, Japan, India, Ecuador and Mexico. More in-depth information on where and when these events and more can be found by visiting the IDays schedule page on the TRU website.