Movie review: Happy Death Day 2U

Completely self-aware, Happy Death Day 2U is both fun and ridiculous

Happy Death Day 2 U, a sequel to Happy Death Day, is a self-understanding sci-fi rollercoaster that, knowing what it is, goes through every scene with a love for what it’s doing.

It revolves around the aftermath of the first film where Tree Gelbman is now sent to a parallel universe where she must find a way to fix the anomaly while attempting to escape the killer wearing a Baby Face mask.

The description alone shows why this film is fantastic. It’s stupid. It doesn’t attempt to reflect itself as Hamlet in some dramatic story that holds complicated themes. It’s about a college student who literally will kill herself in order to restart the day to save the multiverse. But, rather than give it some controversial theme or some deep meaning, it goes for entertainment and that’s something to be valued in today’s all-too-serious society.

One of the best aspects of this show is that it does it’s best in every category. The actors are, like in the original, giving it their all with an exceptional performance from both the lead Jessica Rothe and the supporting lead Israel Broussard. They try to make every joke land, every drama moment have value and given to the plot of the film and its nature, that’s really refreshing to see on screen.

The plot is ridiculous. No matter how it’s sold, a plot about a “whodunnit” killer, coming second to a universe-jumping plot, that started off as a groundhog day rip-off can’t be taken seriously. However, the film knows this and plays to this. There are sequences that add to this convoluted plot for the sole purpose that it’s entertaining and the passion that comes out when these events happen only add to the movie.

It’s not the next Citizen Kane, though Happy Death Day 2 U is an enjoyable film that went by fast due to it just being fun and adding in great acting, weird sci-fi and some genuinely heartfelt moments that land, that justifies a ticket purchase in itself.