Valentine’s Day top 5 movies to watch

These are the top five movies you have to see this Valentine's Day

Valentines Day can be hard. Either you have plans that need to be made or you have no plans (and that doesn’t feel great either). So, this Feb. 14, kick back with either that special someone, a group of friends or just a good bottle and check out these Valentine’s Day classics.

#5: Groundhog Day

Now, Groundhog Day is more of a film for all of February, though it works extremely well on Valentine’s Day too. Bill Murray plays a news anchor that relives the same day over-and-over again until he learns to how to be a good person. The comedy still works 26 years later and given Murray’s natural charisma, it’s a nice watch that gives us the idea that we are all naturally good.

#4: La La Land

La La Land is one of those movies that doesn’t scream “Happily ever after!” even though it’s a musical but is great nevertheless. The film is about a musician who attempts to make it big while keeping the woman of his dreams. The film does do a great job breaking the mould by stating that people can be whole without getting everything they ever wanted and that it’s alright to find compromise with what you have.

#3: 500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer isn’t a romantic movie by any means, however, that’s the point. It’s about a guy who dates a girl for 500 days and how he grows within those 500 days. Perhaps the best part of the film is, unlike other romance movies, 500 Days of Summer shows that not everything in life is or will be romantic. It may not be light, but it will help leave your Valentine’s Day a little more realistic.

#2: Love, Simon

Love, Simon isn’t just a great love story, it’s a great identity film that has the main character be so likeable and charismatic that it leaves a smile on the face of any viewer. The film is about Simon, who attempts to hide his sexuality while falling in love with his pen pal. Whereas the last three films have had a more realistic touch, Love, Simon has more of a heartwarming touch and honestly if it makes the person watching feel just a little bit better then that’s something that can’t be replaced.

#1: Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love is probably the best film to watch on Valentine’s Day because it encapsulates what the day is in the title itself. It’s crazy, it’s stupid and it’s about love. The film follows a father having to deal with his newly-signed divorce while learning how to be single. Not only will this movie make you laugh, smile and potentially cry, but it also holds such a genuine originality and charm that the other four couldn’t come close to. If there was only one film that could be watched from this list, Crazy Stupid Love should be the one to see.