The Radicals and those who follow

TRU club takes on the impending doom of B.C. environments with B.C.-born documentary

Last week, the TRU Adventure U Club and adventure guide diploma graduate Carly DeFoe brought to the big screens of TRU a documentary mashing together environmentalism and extreme sports. The film screening of B.C. documentary, The Radicals, sheds light on the environmental disasters that have been and continue to happen in our backyards.

The documentary gave the community of TRU a harsh look at how the provincial government and corporations have been slowly but surely causing disaster after disaster in B.C.

The Radicals followed a group of four snowboarders and surfers who have personally found a great interest in the environmental issues that are close to home.

Snowboarders and directors, Brian Hockenstein and Tamo Campos, travel throughout B.C. Indigenous communities to get first-hand stories of how these environmental damages have affected the livelihood of their culture and communities.

This film screening was an intense wake-up call for those who have been living oblivious to the dangers that the government’s actions are having on our environment. B.C. is known for the vast variety of environments with lush forests, valleys and rivers. The Radicals sheds a light of the impending doom that these beautiful natural phenomena may be seeing sooner than we think.

The film followed the stories of the Indigenous communities of the Xwisten Nation, The Tahltan, Musgamagw and Namgis and the Haida.

The evening’s speaker, Florence Jack, spoke of the struggles her own community faced in the Xwisten Nation.

“It’s disheartening for someone like my father who spent 20 years negotiating so this wouldn’t happen, to have them break it not even four years after the agreement,” said Jack.

Jack shared a story told to her by an elder of the prime salmon run days where you could catch 60 lb salmon just outside his house. It was recorded that in the past years, only one female returned to the spawning grounds. Stories such as these were scattered throughout the documentary.

The awakened and motivated athletes worked hard with their foundation, Beyond Boarding, to introduce the audience to some of the world’s most dedicated activists and the game-changing initiatives they’ve put in place to actually cause some good for the precious environment of B.C.

The film was dedicated to who they described as “Land Defenders” and fought to shift the perspective of those ignorant to what is happening to the environment.