New podcast proves nothing is impossible

New Kamloops podcast talks about destigmatizing disabilities

Despite the fact that we are in the 21st century, an era that has undergone enormous technological advancements, people with disabilities are still aren’t seen as equals in society. Yet there are some individuals out there trying to change that notion. Krystian Shaw, a 29-year-old Kamloops resident, is one of those individuals.

Shaw writes newsletters in magazines and records podcasts on his personal website in order to show people that nothing is impossible if you have the willingness to make a change. While Shaw has a small business license, he works from home and all his work can be found online.

Shaw has a developmental disability,  an anxiety disorder and recently, doctors have diagnosed him with epilepsy.

Shaw says that the motive behind his new business is to help destigmatize disabilities and to try to decrease the discrimination people with them face.

“My reason for doing these newsletters is to help decrease discrimination for people with disabilities ,or as I like to call it diversabilities, and show society that they are equal,” Shaw said.

As a child, Shaw had many difficulties in reading, writing and math. In fact, many doctors stated that he would never be able to read or write. But his family, especially his mom, helped him a lot. Now his mother says that he is a fluent reader and writer and he knows basic math. Shaw also attends street school to enhance his grammar.

In order to try and end discrimination for people with disabilities, Shaw has contacted others with disabilities to write articles and speak on his podcasts. One such individual is Ben Jonson, who is visually impaired. Some people, like Shaw’s mom, help him with placing ads.

In his free time, Shaw usually likes to be with friends like Jonson, go out with family or hang out with the community support program for people with developmental disabilities, who meet up every day except Friday.

Shaw stated that he is a workaholic and wakes up very early every day to record podcasts and write newsletters.

For anyone struggling with disabilities of their own, whether physical or developmental, Shaw’s advice is to not give up, work as hard as you can to achieve your dreams and not let anyone bring you down.

“Please stop discriminating against people with disabilities and treat them equally because they are extremely productive people and in some cases, they are better than some abled peers,” Shaw said.

You can find Shaw’s newsletters here:

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