Re: “Please play again”

Roll Up the Rim is back, but why do we care so much?

February is a depressing month. Our New Year’s resolutions have failed, midterms are just around the corner and this winter weather is kicking our asses, but year-after-year, one ray of light emerges in the form of a red and yellow paper cup.

You guessed it, Roll Up the Rim season is back, baby. It’s a rite of passage for Canadians; A nationwide craze that seems to sink into our very bones as we zip up our Patagonia jackets and brave the cold heading to our local Tim Hortons. It’s almost like we forget just how much we hate drinking that cheap, meek, watered-down coffee that our country is oddly known for.

It’s a game that has snuck it’s way into the fabric of our culture and it begs the question. What’s the big deal?

Chances are if you’re a student, professor or really anyone that spends enough time on campus at TRU, you probably have your own vendetta against Tim’s, but despite that long agonizing line, we’ll be standing in it by weeks end waiting to get our thumbs under the brim of those wasteful paper cups.

And for what? The promise of a “please play again” tab or by chance a free doughnut that was shipped frozen from Eastern Canada. Remember when their slogan was “Always Fresh?” Can’t be worse than their potato wedges I guess…

Even if the classic Canadian coffee chain is your daily preference, there is still a level of disappointment for those, like me, that carry around their reusable coffee mugs. While the rest on campus tosses their ripped up paper cups and plastic lids into our trash, recycling and even compost bins, we’re left with mugs of stomach-pain inducing coffee, with no chance of winning this year’s top prize. At least we’re the ones saving the planet, right?

No matter your stance on the Canadian sport (second only to hockey), you’re bound to see Roll Up infiltrant your life in the next few weeks. Whether it’s your friends posting their win-to-lose Roll Up ratio on their Snapchat, a national news article about someone winning big and failing to save a required pin code off the bottom of the cup or maybe you’re the one taking precious time out of your day waiting for a cup of rancid Canadian bean juice. Roll Up the Rim is here for all of us and we’re all losers.