On-campus organization going beyond #BellLet’sTalk

Wellness Centre talks about expanding the dialogue around mental health throughout the year

Students were treated to coffee, hot chocolate, smores and discussions on mental health outside of Old Main on Jan. 30. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

For close to a decade, Jan. 30 has been recognized as a day for online conversations on mental health and awareness. Every social media post with the hashtag Bell Let’s Talk acts like a 5 cent donation for the Bell telecommunications company, with proceeds funding worldwide organizations offering support and research for mental health.

In total, Bell has donated over $100 million with this annually trending hashtag, which has endorsed by celebrities, politicians, businesses and individuals around the world.

As always, the TRU Wellness Centre hosted their own gathering, braving the winter’s cold outside of Old Main where they served coffee, hot chocolate and smores for students and staff.

While blue toques topped the heads of people all over campus branded with the trending hashtag, it’s not every day that these hats are worn or as many online posts outlined, mental health shouldn’t be a once a year topic.
“Mental health is something we talk about all the time,” said wellness coordinator Chelsea Corsi. “It’s great to have a day that’s recognized.”

Corsi went on to explain how the Wellness Centre helps in little ways throughout the year to continue those conversations. On top of events and courses offered during the semester, the Wellness Centre has planned programs around month-long themes, January focuses on mental health, while February focuses on self-compassion.

“We’re talking about being kind to yourself, having that compassion for yourself and really doing self-care but also being kind to others, which is once again mental health,” she added.

While students may be familiar with the Wellness Centre’s weekly events such as the widely-popular Therapy Dogs, Corsi wants students to check out their social media pages for updates and notifications on the centre’s other occasions.

Corsi stressed the importance of offering a safe and inclusive space for students too.

“Everything we do at Wellness, we try to open up the door for conversation. We’re there to support students for whatever they need,” Cosri said.

Whether it’s a grand event, small gesture or conversation the Wellness Centre is dedicated to being a destination for student, faculty and staff to go and open up about their mental health, ask questions and generally feels welcomed.

For those looking to participate in any events, workshops or just looking for more information on TRU Wellness, check out the Wellness Centre’s Instagram, Facebook and website.