Women’s basketball set to lose three veterans at end of season

Michelle Bos, Kanesha Reeves and Emily Vilac will be leaving along with assistant head coach Chuck Ferguson

(TRU Athletics/Andrew Snucins)

At the end of every season players and coaches who have been major parts of a program move on to new things, this year is no different for the women’s basketball program.

Every journey has a beginning and an end. For students, the end comes once they have completed their education.

This is the case with the women’s basketball program, which will be losing three players at the end of this season.

Michelle Bos, Kanesha Reeves and Emily Vilac will be leaving at the end of this season.

Michelle Bos is arguably the best player in the program and was a member of the all-rookie Canada west team in 2015.

“I can’t believe it’s gone so fast,” Bos said to TRU Athletics, “As I look back, I have a lot of fond memories.”

Bos has been one of the most consistent players on the team and leads the team in scoring and rebounding this season.

Bos has been involved in a lot of community activities and has been dealing with the challenge of balancing the nursing program with her time on the court.

Kanesha Reeves, daughter of head coach Scott Reeves, will be leaving with a Bachelor of Science degree and has tried to stay focused on the season and not her departure.

“I have tried not to think too much about this being my final year,” she said to TRU Athletics. “It seems way shorter than five years. I can still remember moments from my first year.”

Reeves also spoke about the delicacy of her relationship with her father.

She expressed that they found a way to make it work with their coach and player relationship on the court and father and daughter relationship at home.

Emily Vilac, who is close friends with Reeves, will be the final player leaving. Vilac will also be receiving a Bachelor of Science degree.

Vilac has been one of the key performers for the program and has made some big shots for the team.

Vilac told TRU Athletics that she is eager to get involved with the program as a TRU alumni, she wants to make a difference for future athletes.

The final member leaving will be assistant coach Chuck Ferguson.

“Feel like it’s a good time to step away, I’m going with a group of girls that I started out with,” he said. 

Ferguson explained that he is moving on as he is looking to grow as a person and do something different.

“I will miss it, I love the university and the team, I’m a middle-aged guy, it’s time to move on,” he joked.

Ferguson heaped praise on the three players leaving the program and stated that they weren’t just great players but great people and leaders too.

The WolfPack program will be looking for new leadership after a tough season, replacing well-established players is never easy but hopefully TRU will be able to transition smoothly.