Getting around Kamloops without a car

Just because you don't have a car doesn't mean you can't have fun

Despite Kamloops being fairly spread out and quite hilly, there are lots of options for fun and excitement for those without a vehicle. (Alan Levine/Flickr)

Kamloops may be considered a small town but as many students are aware, what to see and do are limited without your own vehicle. When asked, seven out of ten students mentioned that they would rather stay at home instead of being out socializing and discovering what the town has to offer. Not because they want to nor need to study and therefore lack time, the reason for not exploring simply comes down to not having access to an automobile on a daily basis. In fact, many students are afraid of what would happen if they were stranded in unknown territories and, mostly out of security reasons and want to eliminate the uncertainty of not knowing how to get home. While this sad statistic and the revelation that comes with it are true, there are ways to be creative and get around Kamloops without a car.

Cycle and the city

Rent an electric bike at TRU for free

TRU staff, faculty and students have the opportunity to rent electric bikes free of charge at the university. Remember there is only a limited amount of bikes available and they get rented out fast on a first-come-first-serve basis. For more information email or

Tip: If all electronic bikes happen to be rented out, do not give in to despair, it is still possible to kick it old school and ride an ordinary bike through town. The city of Kamloops has invested greatly in a bicycle master plan that includes separate lanes, broader sidewalks and more. Although most of the bicycle master plan is for future rewards, it has already been set in motion and currently, all city buses have bike racks for when the road gets a bit too hilly. Read upcoming transportation news at

Great deals on wheels

Rent a Zipcar by the hour or per day at TRU

TRU has a collaboration with Zipcar, a company that presents car-sharing in a whole new light and offers a fairly economical and convenient way to rent a car for short periods of times. Pick up and drop-off is right at the campus and the price includes both insurance and gas, which other car rental companies usually add on as unpleasant surprises. However, research the route and plan ahead since the affordable price is limited to 200 kilometres per day, after that the rates change. For price inquiry check out

Tip: To save a buck and contribute to saving the environment at the same time, keep a lookout for different rideshare groups. Here local inhabitants post whenever they have free spots in their car, what day and direction they are driving, so that if someone wants to tag along they can. There are even carpools to school available. Sign up for TRU’s Rideshare program here:

Other mentionable rideshare groups include:

Explore the urban outdoor

Book field trips at TRU

Operate smart and book excursion tours that include both adventure and transportation. The Adventure U Club is a student based group that offers a lot of hikes and other outdoorsy experiences within and nearby Kamloops area. To book an excursion visit   

Tip: While the buses stop running early, enables transportation almost wherever you desire in the city. However, sometimes a shuttle out of the city is what you crave the most. For current fares look into and