Looking for a winter adventure? Try Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon; a hidden treasure and all-year-round adventure for any explorer

Travelling around and seeing the beauty British Columbia has to offer shouldn’t just be for the summer, get out and explore this winter. You can check out hellobc.com for more great ideas for how to have some winter fun. (Innerspace Watersports)

In need of an escape to an exciting, almost secret and magical destination? Want to disconnect from city life and get back to nature’s roots for a weekend? Whether the goal is to unwind by going off the grid or experience adrenaline rushes on an outdoor adventure, this unique B.C. paradise has it all. Activities such as scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, fishing and hot springs are all available at this fairly unexplored destination. The best part is that Marble Canyon Provincial Park is open all-year-round and wallet-friendly for students.

3 Winter Park Amusements:

Ice fishing: While rainbow trout fishing is possible during the summer, ice fishing is popular in all three lakes that are part of the park (Pavilion, Turquoise and Crown) in the winter season.

Rock climbing: Is also appreciated in all seasons but the exceptional pleasure is to check out the icefalls by Pavilion Mountain Range in the winter since they are one of the best and easiest accessed in the region.

Sightseeing: Visit nearby historic town Lillooet. It’s rich in First Nation heritage, gold rush and mining history.

3 Summer Park Amusements:

Hike: Discover the Turquoise Lake Waterfall while hiking a scenic route by the limestone walls. The name of the lake is an indication of the stunning view and nature that will be provided.

Camp: In-between Turquoise and Crown lakes an intimate and quiet campground is situated. Picnic by the limestone rock is a hot tip, whether you are hungry or not, a visit to the geological phenomenon is a rare and memorable opportunity.

Spot wildlife: Black bears and cougars are frequently seen in the area, while this is fascinating be bear-aware and practice proper safety procedures.

As thrilling as above activities are, the scuba diving experience outshines them all and is where Marble Canyon Provincial Park triumphs. Evidence suggests that there is a connection between the harsh environment in Pavilion Lake and on the moon. Therefore, NASA recently finished a research project at Pavilion Lake, exploring the freshwater microbialites in hopes of extracting how humans will conduct scientific exploration on the moon. Marine species and plants already occur in the lake and if the same environment exists on the moon, theoretically living organisms should also be able to adapt to the moon. For more information regarding the research project visit pavilionlake.com. For diving excursions check out innerspacewatersports.com.

If desired, a more comfortable and relaxing get-away at a remote and upscale cabin is possible. Situated along the Lillooet River is Skookumchuck Hot Springs. While the atmosphere is rustic it is hard to beat the charming and authentic experience of enjoying your own personal hot spring, which is lit by candlelight after night falls. For an extra quirky adventure bring a tent and stay the night. Perhaps a relaxing bath is enough and sleeping arrangements best suited at a luxurious lodge with a private dock are more within your league? Wake up well rested and head off to Marble Canyon Provincial Park where the real pleasure begins.

Stay at: Pavilion Lake Waterfront

Spacious cabin with a breathtaking view over Pavilion Lake, located in the heart of the park.

Wine and dine at:

Fort Berens Estate Winery

Award winning vineyard in Lillooet, a nearby town of Marble Canyon Provincial Park.