Dvrsty Fashion Show returns to TRU

TRU becomes the most fashionable school in the Interior

This year’s Dvrsty Fashion Show was the work of close to 50 individuals and included fashion designers from across British Columbia. (Robert Wisla/The Omega)

On Nov. 17 the red carpet was literally rolled out as TRU played host to the Dvrsty Fashion Show, an event which exceeded expectations with attendance and made TRU the most fashionable school in the Interior. The event which was attended by close to 300 people was put on by the TRUSU Fashion Club and featured many up-and-coming designers from Vancouver, Kelowna and even some amazing designers right here in Kamloops.

The event was put on to encourage students to express themselves and bring people together according to Richard Abankwa, one of the main organizers of the event.

“It is called the Dvrsty Fashion Show because we want to bring people together through fashion, music, dance, art and many more. The event is open for all: students, old, young, staff, community members, everyone,” Abankwa said. “Fashion allows individuals to create and craft images of themselves, expressing their identity to other people and potentially arousing feelings of curiosity or commonality.

Fashion is often fueled by the desire to be different enough to stand out but similar enough to belong to the group that your clothing helps identify.”

The Fashion Club on campus is two years old now and has 41 members, both students and non-students. This year close to 50 people were involved including local designers, models, volunteers and many more.

Pandy Duplessis, vice-president of the Fashion Club said this year’s fashion show was much bigger than last years.

“We possibly got 200-250 people, we had around 24 models, 14 hair and makeup crew, 12 designers, three of which were from Vancouver including MGHM who has been part of Vancouver Fashion week multiple times,” he said. “Bead who was part of the fashion show last year and fashion voice, she is a student straight out of the design school in Vancouver, as well as two store fashion lines from our sponsors Marks Work warehouse and Value Village.”

“As a model it was like any show but as an organizer it was a brand-new experience, and very hands-on. A lot of early mornings and late evenings and a lot of skipped meals. I was model and designer coordinator, volunteer coordinator, performers coordinator, hair and makeup coordinator and helping with some sponsors, as well as assisting with marketing,” Duplessis added.

Kacy Keutzer one of the models who was in the show said she saw the club at club’s day, got asked to come to the tryout.

“It was a little chaotic but well worth it, I’ll definitely do it again,” she said.