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The magnificent experience of online volunteering with the UN

Imagine how your heart feels after helping others who are in need of help. Volunteering is a way to help people who are in need.

During my last summer vacation in Egypt, I met with Maya Morsi, the president of the National Council for Women in Egypt. Morsi also served as the regional gender team leader for the United Nations Development Programme in Cairo and country program.

While there, Morsi brought up the idea of volunteering online with the United Nations, saying that her motivation for volunteering started at a young age. 

“I always liked to help others, I also believe that volunteerism is an essential tool for building a healthy society where the strong helps the weak and the wealthy helps the poor so no one feels that they are unequal,” she said.

Volunteering for the UN is actually quite easy and requires a few simple steps. First, go to the website Online Volunteering (, which is 100 per cent accessible for blind and visually impaired users.

Then, create a profile which basically consists of some questions about yourself. After that, start browsing opportunities and apply by filling the application for the one that appeals to your interest.

While browsing the opportunities you will see when each one is posted, how long the task will take to be finished and a description of the task.

After this is done, you will get an email to confirm your application and later you will receive an email to indicate if you are selected. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can participate. The opportunities are open for anyone, both students and instructors can apply.

If selected, you will complete the task assigned by the organization that posted the opportunity on the website and give feedback. You even receive a certificate for completing the task.

Volunteering for the UN is a great way to gain new experience and help people who are really in need. Let us all volunteer and share our help.