TRUSU Food Bank looking for donations before break

The TRUSU food bank on campus looks for donations as the holiday season approaches

It’s no question that the impending holiday season could mean slimmer wallets for many people. Students, in particular, may be making fewer trips to the grocery store in favour of spending less money as the semester comes to close. This is where TRUSU has stepped up to help students, staff and faculty in need with the campus food bank.

Available to all persons in need no matter their financial status, designation on campus or age, the food bank operates from the TRUSU services desk, supplying food baskets and packages depending on the needs of the individual.

Independent from the Kamloops Food Bank, the TRUSU Food Bank is stocked by non-perishable donations made and collected on campus. Collections also take place between semesters when residents on campus clear out for the season, which greatly helps the reserve for the food bank.

While TRUSU has limited space for their food cache storage, operating out of a closet close to the student services desk, vice president of services Samantha Baker said that they weren’t about to turn away students.

When asked if TRUSU had plans on expanding the service, Baker replied that it was all determined on the demand for food items, but there have been talks to possibly expand in the future, more than likely with the next rotation of TRUSU members.

Talks had also been in the works to one day operate in partnership with the Kamloops Food Bank, but these plans would also be a product of a newer TRUSU board.

When asked what the current stock looked like and if it could support more students as finals crept closer, Baker admitted that the cache was running low, but had faith that more donations would come.

“The food bank always tries to stay in stock. We’re always getting food just as we have food going out,” Baker said.

Students and those that are in need of food bank support shouldn’t be afraid to ask either. A high-stress operation was not the description TRUSU wanted to label the program as and while less-promoted, faculty and staff are more than free to use the food bank service as well.

“If anyone were to come up and say that they needed food, we’re there to help,” Baker said. “No information is ever given, it’s low-key and discrete.”

Non-perishable donations to the TRUSU food bank can be collected at the student services desk.