Letter to the editor


(Submitted/Vanessa Nessie Greenwich)

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, I was one of the thousands in Kamloops to openly celebrate the national legalization of marijuana. From partaking in the opening of the first provincial dispensary in the early a.m. hours (disappointed in the money transaction process and product) to visiting my frequented shop downtown (greeted with a complimentary joint) as the sun finally set, it seemed like the autumn’s version of Canada Day around town.  In parks and parking lots on both sides of  the river, a sense of deja vu similar to April 20th (almost six months apart) came over me. Since I’ve been publicly smoking since grade twelve, 20 years ago, the guilt-free part of the Oct. 17 didn’t phase me as much as others.  But viewing those who are shedding that feeling for the first time was satisfying.

This brings me around to how those who aren’t educated well enough in this area to start making requests, comments and assumptions regarding public cannabis consumption.  There are folks who aren’t fans of the smell of a burning bowl of bud or even talking about oils and edibles, let alone consuming them. Fine. But enjoying tobacco products and alcoholic beverages while even giving just a passive-aggressive vibe towards anything cannabis related is hypocritical in my opinion. It’s easy to overlook the ripple effects each vice brings when the cons are disguised as pros.  From environmental damages to financial histories to health changes, there are infinite reasons to take it out of corporate hands and simply allow citizens to make it THEMSELVES if they REALLY want it.

But that will never happen. Global population is uncontrollable. Disney and Google will somehow get involved to make sure they profit more. And only an alien-race with brainwashing powers could achieve the feat anyway.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, long-time subdued minorities and demographics have received recognition. Creating a society that doesn’t waste time complaining about how others choose to relax or even the method of taking their FUCKING MEDICINE, is one of the unspoken reasons legalization needed to occur.  It was even mentioned in some circles of smokers on legalization day that it was “our day”. Then we all witnessed a RCMP patrol car slowly and quietly drive on by. I think I even saw the driver smiling. Even the cops can shed a bit of stress.

And if you’re the kind that doesn’t like the smell marijuana, but is an online media magnet – get ready for more news on Mary Jane than you really want. Advertisers, celebrities, land developers, religious zealots and pro athletes will be waving the seven-pointed leaf in your direction till it’s in your dreams.  If you haven’t consumed and wanna still bitch about the effects, it’s probably normal in your world to bitch about politicians without voting too.

*Gabe Salvatore returned to Canada from the U.S. in anticipation of marijuana legalization*