TRU students cook up new food delivery business

Ready at Door aims to make food delivery from local restaurants more accessible

Ready at Door co-creators Sachin Akula and Rajat Kadiyan (Yasir Khan/The Omega)

Sachin Akula and Rajat Kadiyan, both computer-science students at TRU, took their love for food and launched a new food delivery business in Kamloops called Ready at Door. is a website that allows the customer to order food from local restaurants regardless of where in Kamloops they may reside.

“The main focus of our business is on local restaurants and to deliver food to all the further sides of Kamloops such as Westsyde, Dallas and so on,” Kadiyan said. “If you want food delivered in these areas and look for delivery options online, you’ll find that most food-delivery businesses are unwilling to deliver. That’s why we want to make sure all the local restaurants can deliver their food across Kamloops.”

The pair recognized the existence of competing businesses within the food-delivery industry and believed there is still a niche to be tapped into by focusing on better service and by promoting restaurants that the average consumer in Kamloops may not have heard of. Ready at Door has partnered with 14 restaurants across Kamloops so far.

“We have seen that there is a lot of room for improvement in the food-delivery businesses when it comes to the service. We deliver the food to our customers ourselves and we believe good service is the core of our business competency,” Akula said. “There are lots of hidden gems in Kamloops and we want to make sure people not only get access to the food from these restaurants but get excellent service in the process.”

Akula and Kadiyan initially bonded over their mutual love for personal development books. They cite Rich Dad Poor Dad as one of the books that pushes them to act on their idea. It took months of planning to get the business off the ground and the pair feels confident with the response they have gotten so far.

Launching the business was no easy feat. There was plenty of negativity and discouragement to battle against when the business was in its planning stages.

“Most people have good ideas but they don’t take action because they think they’ll fail and they pass that mindset onto others,” said Akula. “Listen to people who have genuine advice and remember that a positive attitude will yield positive results.”

Kadiyan recognizes mentorship to be one of the most important factors contributing to the launch of Ready at Door.

“John [Zubak] and Beth [Quirie] from Kamloops Innovation were one of the biggest helpers for our company. If we had any questions regarding budgeting, marketing, they would direct us to relevant resources,” he said.

Akula and Kadiyan hope that TRU students will see their initiative as inspiration to act on their own business ideas.

“TRU offers so many resources to its students to plan out and execute their ideas. Some of these ideas may be really good but if students hold them back, they may never see the light of day,” Akula said.

Readyatdoor hopes to partner with more restaurants in Kamloops in the near future.