New scholarships being given for studying abroad

TRU World offering new scholarships to those wanting to study in South Korea

TRU World is offering scholarships for students wishing to study abroad, with certain ones specifically for those wishing to study in South Korea.

The South Korean scholarships are being offered to those wanting to study at Dong-A University in Busan and Gachon University in Seongnam.

These opportunities also come at a point where North and South Korea continue to hold a relationship of peace between each other.

The scholarships themselves that are being offered are $500-1000 worth for studying abroad in general with an additional $300 scholarship being offered for art students specifically.

Also, students looking to study at the two Korean schools could also receive another $500-1000. For an art students who wants to go to school Gachon University, they could receive a total of $1300.

These scholarships are limited, however, with only six $500 dollar scholarships or three $1000 scholarships.

To be eligible for the scholarships, a student must:

• Be eligible for exchange

• Be a full-time student

• Currently, hold a 2.5 GPA

• Pass a screening/interview

    procedure from TRU world

To study abroad as described by TRU World, is referred to as “all student opportunities in countries other than Canada, including exchanges, field schools, practica and internships.”

The motto for TRU World is “to try to give an international experience to every student” and they offer multiple opportunities for studying abroad.

TRU World mobility officer Heather Wisla spoke about candidly these opportunities.

“These students feel increasingly welcome with studying abroad because they tend to meet tremendous friends due to their similarities with others hoping to do the same thing,” she said.

There will be a meeting to discuss these opportunities and more on Nov. 4. The deadline to apply for the scholarships is Dec. 12.