TRU signs MOU with Mexican university

Agreement with UAGro brings new opportunities for students

The MOU intends to expand educational opportunities for both Canadian and
Mexican students and faculty. (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

After the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between TRU and the UAGro (Autonomous University of Guerrero), TRU is looking to open doors for Indigenous women and training UAGro’s English teachers through dual credential programming, along with helping expand UAGro’s trades and technology program.

“This MOU is particularly for expanding educational opportunities for Indigenous women and other areas such as teacher training and dual credential programming for Canadian and Mexican students and faculty,” said TRU associate vice-president international Baihua Chadwick. “UAGro is also looking to expand their trades and technology area, which is a strength here at TRU.”

This is the second MOU signed with the Mexican university and possibly the beginning of a long-lasting partnership with TRU.

“For a future agreement, we are working out an initiative for the international field school to send TRU Indigenous students to Mexico,” said Chadwick. “We have received strong interest.”

As of recent, there has been a notable growth of Mexican students at TRU and that number is expected to continue growing following this MOU. According to Chadwick, UAGro students and faculty seem very optimistic and have embraced this opportunity.

UAGro is located in the south-western state of Guerrero in the city of Chilpancingo and has more than 89,000 students across its 12 campuses. Of the student population, 40 percent are considered ethnic minorities, which brings a rich multicultural experience to UAGro’s students and faculty. Indigenous and international students account for 26% of the TRU student body.

TRU has more than 40 partner-institutions in countries around the world including China, India, South Korea, Colombia, Vietnam and Mexico. UAGro is the third Mexican institutional partnership following the Monterrey Institute of Technology and the Celta International School.