Tackling the beginning of the semester stress

Events like the Back-to-School BBQ can prove stressful for new students

Despite being an exciting and inclusive event, the Back-to-School BBQ can proved too crowded for students with anxiety. (FILE PHOTO)

With last week’s Back-to-School BBQ, The Omega decided to see if the event put on by TRUSU successfully made students feel more comfortable and welcome on campus as a whole.

The event has over 100 different booths teeming with extracurricular activities, different businesses and organizations advertising their products and clubs for students to look into or join.

However, with the BBQ in full effect, we decided to check the efficiency of the event as a whole to see if it was really helping new students.

Twenty new students were polled at the event and it was found that the majority felt that it had the opposite effect.

When asked how they felt as a whole, 14 out of the 20 students felt the BBQ wasn’t helping them feel welcome. Some described the event as chaotic, with one student stating that “it was too cramped half the time, it made me feel claustrophobic and really anxious.”

When the students were asked what would be a good addition to the event, five of the respondents felt as if there should have a booth for icebreaker events, giving them a social environment that would allow them to mingle and create new relationships.

Rohan Sharma, the student wellness ambassador, had mixed feelings on the matter.

Sharma believed that the event as a whole was positive. However, giving so many options at once right at the beginning of the school year will make some students feel overwhelmed. Having so much on a person’s plate often lowers efficiency, ranging from feeling negative to becoming burnt out, he said.

In order to help new students with the feeling of being overwhelmed, Sharma believes there should be more big events like the BBQ more consistently, rather than having a few at the beginning of the semester then having a few at the end. This will give students more consistent aid in their studies and their stress levels, he said.

If you are feeling stressed at any point in the semester, the best thing you can do is talk it out, says Sharma.

“Just talk to people,” he said. “If you hold onto something, it will consume you. Speak to someone and don’t hesitate to express yourself honestly.”

Sharma also recommends that if you’re dealing with high levels of stress, to visit the Wellness Center in Old Main.

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