High hopes for ‘Pack women’s soccer team

TRU women's soccer team optimistic about the upcoming season

WOSC 18-19 team. (TRU Athletics)

The WolfPack women’s soccer team will be looking to make a big impact in the new season and head coach Kelly Shantz has high hopes for his players.

The team won all their games during the pre-season, despite the fact the games were not against top opposition. This will help the ‘Pack develop a positive atmosphere in the camp.

Coach Shantz, like always, is very optimistic going into the new season and he is very excited to see how his new recruit’s turnout.

“Pre-season is like Christmas, you unwrap the presents and the things you ordered and you hope that they came out well,” Shantz said. “I’m super happy with our pre-season.”

Shantz acknowledged that the poor air quality didn’t help his team’s preparations for the upcoming season, but he jokingly felt better about the situation because most teams in the league were affected too.

The one thing that is noticeable with this team is that there is less experience. On one hand, it’s positive because it means scars from past failures won’t play a role in the team’s psychology, but on the other the hand it could be problematic when the going gets tough.

“My goal is to set the bar higher and train them to work together,” Shantz said.

Shantz himself acknowledged a lack of experience in the team.

“No question. We are missing that experience factor,” he said. “I have no fifth-year players, but two fourth-year captains, Marissa and Natalie. Both are good captains and are doing a great job of leading.”

Despite the lack of experience, Shantz spoke highly of his team’s character.

“The character of the people here is good. A lot of the second-years are still young, but they learned from us last year and are stepping up and becoming leaders at a very young age,” he said. 

Shantz further explained that age doesn’t define leadership and that the program is developing a strong team culture that will help the players cope in tough circumstances.

With a positive pre-season behind the team and lots of new faces, there are lots of positives to look forward to going into the new season. 

The WolfPack community and fans are optimistic and hopeful that this year they will get to see their girls in the playoffs.