Four new recruits added to WolfPack cross country team

'Pack cross country team has taken on new recruits this summer to increase flexibility

Brooklyn Higgs in the BMO Half Marathon. (TRU Athletics)

In sports, strength in numbers is sometimes underrated and underappreciated. The more options a program has the more flexible it can be and it’s less likely that injuries ruin a season.

It makes the life of a coach easier and this is something the TRU cross country team has tried to do this summer.

The team has added four recruits with the latest recruit being Brooklyn Higgs from Squamish, B.C. Higgs is a graduate of Coast Mountain Academy.

Higgs told TRU athletics that she came from a small school without a structured program such as the one that exists here at TRU, but despite all that she took all her chances by taking part in sports such as basketball and Ultimate.

Higgs explained to TRU athletics that she started training by herself and later joined a local group to continue training.

“Originally I started running to improve my cardiovascular fitness,” Higgs told the WolfPack. “However, as I began running more and more, I started being able to appreciate my surroundings and the silence that I was in.”

“Now, running is almost a form of meditation and relaxation for me as I am able to clear my mind and think. I’m looking forward to it every day,” she said.

Head coach Carmin Mazzotta told TRU athletics that he was impressed with Higgs’ open mindedness and her willingness to consider all her options before signing with TRU.

“That kind of careful consideration lends itself well to cross country running, where you have to strike a balance between training hard and not overdoing it,” Mazzotta said.

Mazzotta explained to the WolfPack that Higgs being careful will help in making sure she takes the time to do the little things that will help prevent injury, so she can train consistently.

Higgs also revealed to TRU Athletics that she has never had a cross country coach. Working with Mazzotta will present a new learning experience for her.

Higgs will join other newcomers Kirsten Hansen (St Albert, AB.), paralympian Emily Young (Kelowna, B.C.) and Kamloops recruit Calum Carrigan (Kamloops).

There will be a lot of fresh faces added in the 2018/19 season after stalwarts such as Conlan Sprickerhoff departed at the end of last season.

The cross country team continues to grow at TRU and this will only be a positive as the university looks to become a top program.