TRU has a summer of construction ahead

ITTC nears completion as construction of NPH building starts soon

For those who will still be on campus in the coming months, TRU has a summer of construction and roadwork ahead.

The Industrial Training and Technology Centre (ITTC), which started construction back in February of 2017, will be substantially completed on or around June 21, according to Les Tabata, TRU’s director of capital projects.

“Remaining work following substantial completion will include deficiencies, new work and installation of furniture and equipment,” added Tabata.

Though the ITTC has a forecast deficit of $1.6 million, according to March’s board of governors meeting agenda, the project team has been working to introduce cost-saving methods, some of which have been in place since the project’s onset.

“The team continuously looks for opportunities to save time and money without sacrificing program and quality objectives,” Tabata said. “Examples include considering design alternatives and procurement methods, analyzing building equipment and materials and seeking partnering opportunities.”

The Nursing and Population Health (NPH) building is also expected to start construction soon. Since there haven’t been any delays with the project, construction is still slated to begin around May 18 and is expected to accelerate in June.

However, the construction of the NPH building will likely affect College Drive alongside the Ken Lepin Building and the Culinary Arts Building for the entirety of the project, says Warren Asuchak, director of facilities.

“My understanding based on NPH meetings, is that the road will be closed to public traffic for the duration of the NPH project to give working space for NPH construction and ensure adequate safety to the public,” Asuchak said. “The road will be made passable for emergency vehicles though and I expect pedestrians will be able to use it if they’re okay with walking on gravel. The road west of the Culinary Arts parking lot entrance and within the lot should be open properly again this summer.”

Though WolfPack Road and Dalhousie Drive to the roundabout will be drivable come the fall semester, work on TRU’s gas main will take place this month and next, closing both roads and part of the roundabout.

Finally, the work being done on University Drive between Old Main and Summit Drive is expected to be substantially completed within the coming weeks, assuming availability according to Asuchak. Though paving of the road might occur soon after, Asuchak believes University Drive will be paved at the same time as the roundabout, later in the summer.

“The work from the entrance to Lot A3 south, including the asphalt, is limited by the gas main work. If the gas main installation goes as planned, it’s possible that the roundabout and paving could be complete by the end of June,” Asuchak said. “That’s an aggressive schedule and I think that realistically, a little longer will be necessary.”