Number of international students at TRU on the rise

TRU has experienced an influx in international enrolment both this semester and last

The number of international students on TRU’s campus has been steadily increasing, with non-domestic students accounting for 28 per cent of the on-campus population in the fall semester. However, this rapid enrolment growth has continued into the winter semester and there has been a growth of 10.9 per cent this semester alone.

According to recent numbers put out at the March 23 Board of Governors meeting, there are a total of 8,555 students on campus. These numbers are up from the 8,325 students enroled in the fall term. Between the two semesters, this equates to 1,123 new students and a 47 per cent growth rate in international students. Overall, 61 per cent of new students on campus were international.

The country contributing the highest number of students is India, with 45 per cent of students. Countries like China, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are also well-represented on campus.

Many of the international students on campus are enroled in the School of Business and Economics (SoBE). 57 per cent of international students are enroled in the SoBE.

The growth in international enrolment can be attributed to a variety of internal and external factors. Internally this could mean targeted marketing campaigns on behalf of TRU, and externally the growth could be related to things like Canada’s expedited visa program.

Major growth of international student enrolment started back in May 2012 when the provincial government launched the British Columbia’s International Education Strategy. The three main goals of this strategy are to create a global education system, ensure quality learning experiences and create economic growth and opportunities for B.C. communities and businesses.