A look back at the ‘Pack cheer squad’s 2018 season

Cheer squad constantly striving to improve themselves and win competitions

While the WolfPack cheer squad has had a good season, there is always room for improvement. (TRU Athletics)

Looking back, the WolfPack Cheerleaders have been having an excellent season and have won back-to-back competitions.

The Thompson Rivers University WolfPack cheerleading teams came back with banners after a competition in Richmond on Feb. 24 and Feb. 25.

The WolfPack had both their competition and spirit squads involved in the Mardi Parti Championships at the Richmond Oval.

The TRU competition team scored 90 on their final day.  They had 0.75 deducted after a stunt fall.  Their final total after two days of competition was 94.29 per cent.

“The fall was uncharacteristic in the beginning of the routine,” said WolfPack co-head coach Meaghan Blakely to TRU athletics.

“We fought to keep it up but the stunt was too angled to recover,” she continued. “The rest of the score changes reflected small differences in the routine from the Feb. 24 first performance.”

“The 94.29 per cent is the highest the program has ever scored,” she said.  “Five years ago, our scores were about 66 per cent.”

There were 15 teams from middle, high school and universities attending at the event, though Thompson Rivers was the lone university.

The WolfPack spirit team was involved in an exhibition division. They scored a 90.13 out of 100 per cent on the first day.   

“The team had a difficult warm-up and were very nervous since almost all of the athletes had never competed in cheer before,” said Blakely.

“This didn’t translate on the floor and they competed with confidence, energy and precision.  They had high scores in technique and performance which is difficult to do. We, as coaches were beyond impressed with their performance on day one,” she added.

The Spirit squad had 1.75 points deducted on the second day and finished at 89.17 per cent.   

“This was a huge surprise. We weren’t expecting these scores from our prep team and are ecstatic with the results,” said Blakely.

“We are so impressed with how the program performed and competed,” co-head coach Mikayla Levy told TRU athletics. “Each team strongly executed all the stunts, jumps and tumbling events they have been working on so far this season.”

Thompson Rivers had a final score of 86.7 out of 98 with a 91.26 per cent giving them a total of 90.26 per cent for the competition.

Co-head coach Mikayla Levy remained grounded despite how well her team did.

“They let their nerves get to them, which showed on the scoresheet,” she said.  “Despite this, they needed to have a bad run to learn how to overcome it. It’s not easy to do what this team does. Their routine is exhausting they need to be strong physically and mentally to be able to perform to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, this weekend they let nerves take over.”

Despite the win, Blakely believes there is room for improvement too.

“They did OK. They came in first, but they are capable of more. Things weren’t executed to their full potential,” she said. “Nothing touched on the floor which was great. They had great recovery, were both smart and calm at times of difficulty. But there were nerves that don’t usually exist for them.”

Both Blakely and Levy seem to have good heads on their shoulders and they understand the importance of having high expectations. With a mindset like that it’s no wonder the team keeps improving and winning.