TRUSU’s Fund the Future campaign continues to gain support

Campaign to get more funding from the province gets support from community organizations

TRUSU’s Fund the Future campaign continues to gain steam as it gets letters of support from local MLA’s Todd Stone and Peter Milobar and the City of Kamloops. These letters of support, among others from various non-profits, businesses and municipalities across the region will help show support for the fight against TRU’s underfunding by the provincial government.

TRUSU vice president external Cole Hickson says that over the past five years TRU’s underfunding amounts up to $80 million when compared to other universities around the province.

“TRU still ranks 20th out of 25 universities in per-student funding in B.C. Until there is a reason as for why that is or a re-evaluation to see if that’s fair, we are in a bad situation, not only in our Thompson Nicola region, but also in B.C.,” Hickson said.

The campaign’s organizers have made 45 community presentations since they started doing outreach in October. The letters of support from the City of Kamloops, local MLA’s and others in the region has been instrumental in helping to build up momentum.

“We’ll have a community behind us for when we go to the government to say can we get this addressed.  So, it’s not just an issue for the TRU Students’ Union, it’s an issue for the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, Thompson Nicola Regional District, municipalities surrounding our regions and so on,” Hickson said.

The campaigns committee members have presented and gained support from every municipality in the region, excluding Logan Lake.

“I would say that the broad majority have been successful. It’s kind of a scandalous issue however you look at it, so we haven’t really had any negative responses,” Hickson said. “Every person that we’ve talked to however, has been supportive in one way or another of this campaign.”

Hickson and his fellow campaign members plan to continue getting the word out by making even more community presentations.

“That’s still a very high priority, but we want to have everything in order by April because that’s when we want to go the Ministry of Advanced Education,” Hickson said.

Hickson says that the best outcome would be that the ministry agrees to re-evaluate TRU’s funding and make a formula for how TRU should be funded.

You can pledge your support to the Fund the Future campaign by visiting TRUSU’s website at

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