Slips open their 2018 in an explosion of neon

Audiences were treated to the hilarity of Kamloops’ favourite improv group

Missed Tight n’ Bright? Catch Sheer Luck on April 21. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

Chimera Theatre welcomed back roaring laughs with Kamloops’ favourite improv comedy troupe, The Freudian Slips and an 80’s themed night. The show was filled with raunchy comedy and neon spandex.

Saturday, March 23 marked the opening night for the troupe’s new 2018 season. The night was nothing but pure comedy gold with both new and familiar faces. With the evening’s theme of “80’s Tight n’ Bright,” audience members were treated to throwback comedy scenes and a plethora of neon spandex outfits that left nothing to the imagination.

This season’s troupe includes some familiar faces to the Slips’ family, including Andrew G. Cooper as the host as well as Brendan Law and Taylor James McCallum. The troupe is also welcoming back Allandra Gardner and Dan Ondang from previous seasons. Also, making their debut on the Freudian Slips’ stage for the 2018 season is Kennedy Crane and Jamie Mason.

The evening started off with a parody version of The Barenaked Ladies hit song “If I Had a Million Dollars,” but with a more modern twist. The trio, including former Slips member Brooke Ballam, poked fun at the current economic status of today’s world, with the opening lyrics being “if I had a million dollars… I’d still probably have to work.”

Long time Freudian Slips host Andrew Cooper kept the audience cheering and giggling with his quick wit and fun games that kept the troupe going strong from start to finish.

The evening was filled with short improv games that kept both the audience and the troupe on their toes. The games included a raunchy mash up of telephone and charades, LCD (Location, Career, Death) and the Dating Game.

The audience was encouraged to get as interactive as they pleased, with audience suggestions that set the scene for most games. The tables turned when members of the audience were invited on stage to get a taste of being a part of the Freudian Slips in games such as Helping Friends.

Kamloops is looking forward to all the comedy that the Freudian Slips are sure to bring.

Missed the show? Don’t worry you can catch the hilarity live on April 21 for Sheer Luck, an Improv Mystery. You can get your tickets to the improv murder mystery online at