Meet up online, go out offline with Joiiin

New app connects strangers together for outdoor adventures

Joiiin can help you find new friends in a new area. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

Hot on the heels of the controversy behind the transparency of apps such as Facebook or the chronological absence of Instagram, comes a new contender to the social media race.

Vancouver based app Joiiin (that’s no typo) comes as a response to the addictive behaviours of online media centred platforms. Joiiin instead focuses on the social aspect, allowing users to create their own outdoor events where other users can link up through the interface and participate.

The outdoor focus comes from creator Dustin Vioen’s passion for the natural world that exists beyond the digital world.

“On the west coast it makes a lot of sense, we want to facilitate in person connections through activities,” Vioen said.

Rather than meeting up for the common cup of coffee, Joiiin allows users to find an activity that has a mutual appreciation, such as hiking or snowboarding, creating a more inviting and comfortable environment for connections to grow.

“The whole idea with meeting over coffee is kind of date-y, I’m not going on Bumble BFF to swipe guys to go for coffee with,” Vioen said, commenting on the difference between Joiiin and similar meet-up applications currently on the market.

While Joiiin has already seen movement in the Lower Mainland, Vioen voiced hope for success in smaller towns such as Kamloops mentioning the number of unique activities smaller areas hold, in which Joiiin will collect and add to a roster of recommended activities.

While the app is still in ongoing development, current users have already found like-minded people to visit waterfalls, grab tacos and watch sunsets together all over British Columbia. One user has even started planning a trip to Iceland through Joiiin’s unique interface.

“We want to create an app that supports people becoming the best version of themselves,” Vioen said, “Our whole goal is to build those deeper connections.”

The team behind Joiiin is currently working out the kinks for the alternative style social app, planning a large marketing push for the near future.

The beta version of Joiiin is currently available on IOS and Google Play app stores.