TRUSU’s food bank launching new initiatives

Food bank is finding new ways to get donations for students in need

The TRUSU food bank is finding new ways to get donations from students and the broader Kamloops community. (Jennifer Will/The Omega)

Going to school can be expensive if you are just paying for books and tuition, but the cost goes up significantly when you tack on rent, utilities, other bills and groceries. Sometimes, this means buying groceries can fall to the wayside at the end of the day.

According to TRUSU’s website, the Food Bank on campus is in place for just this reason, for times when bills stack and students can’t afford a trip to the grocery store.

Nathan Lane, TRUSU’s executive director, says the need for the food bank “goes up and down.” However, in order to keep this service available for students, getting donations is the key.

“That’s how we keep food in the food bank,” Lane said.

This year the Services Committee, along with regular food drives, has launched some new initiatives in order to get donations.

“[They] formed two partnerships that are going to help us make sure we have an ongoing inventory of food. One was with the HR Department to get donations at IDays events, the other one will be coming up at the end of the year with residence,” Lane said. “It will allow students to donate their remaining food when they’re moving out to the food bank and it will be held as inventory for students when they need it.”

If you would like to make a donation to the food bank you can contact the office administrator by phone at 250-828-5289 or by email at They accept donations from students and members of the community.

“If students are in need of the food bank, all they have to do is come to the Students Union Building anytime we’re open, it’s a super easy process. It takes less than five minutes and we can make sure they get the food they need,” Lane said.

To request a package from the food bank, you can drop by the Services Desk in the Students Union Building.