The Freudian Slips welcome new and familiar faces

With a new crew, Kamloops comics bring explosive laughter to the theatre scene

The Freudian Slips Improvised Comedy Troupe featuring (left to right, top row) Kennedy Crane, Dan Ondang, Jamie Mason, (left to right, bottom row) Taylor James McCallum, Paul Rancourt, Andrew G. Cooper, Allandra Gardner, and Brendan Law. (Submitted)

After yet another successful season of making the Kamloops community laugh, the Freudian Slips are back for another much anticipated season full of inappropriate comedy and gut-busting giggles.

Chimera Theatre and the Freudian Slips will open their 2018 season with an explosion of hilarity from new and familiar faces. This season sets the stage for their newly formed comedy troupe.

With Chimera Theatre’s mainstage production of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, adapted and directed by Freudian Slips funny man and host Andrew G. Cooper now finished, the troupe will take the stage to continue to bring monthly improv shows through the spring and summer.

The troupe has had to say goodbye to founding members and co-directors Jessica Buchanan and Brittany McCarthy as they bid Kamloops farewell and travel east for greater comedy adventures. Stepping up to the plate as the troupe’s director is the Freudian Slips’ long time comedic genius Paul Rancourt.

This season is sure to please just about anyone’s sense of humour with six hilariously themed improv shows. With themes such as 80’s Tight n’ Bright, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and a Freudian Slips classic Strip n’ Sip.

The 2018 season will feature some familiar faces to the Slips’ family, including Andrew G. Cooper as the host as well as Brendan Law and Taylor James McCallum.

The troupe is also welcoming back Allandra Gardner and Dan Ondang from previous seasons.

Making their debut on the stage is Kennedy Crane and Jamie Mason.

As with every Freudian Slips show, audience members are encouraged to dress up according to the theme. The shows are hilarious and interactive, with roaring laughs you won’t leave the Stage House Theatre disappointed.

Catch the Freudian Slips in their season opener show on March 24 at the Stage House Theatre. Make sure to pull out your neon leggings and legwarmers as Freudian Slips’ take on the 80’s in Tight n’ Bright.

Tickets can be purchased online in advanced at or at the door, but be sure to save your spot in advanced for this much anticipated show.