Do TRUSU elections actually have merit?

2018 TRUSU general election felt more like a popularity contest

The TRUSU elections in 2018 felt more like a popularity contest than a political election.

The TRUSU elections have started garnering more attention in recent years, which is good, don’t get me wrong, but we need to ask what credibility do some of these parties have?

A lot of the people who ran for a position in the TRUSU elections were well known to a certain degree, but what wasn’t well known were their political philosophies or agendas.

I can count on one hand the people who took their time to explain their ideas to me if elected into office.

I thought it was a joke that some people expected me to vote for them even though I didn’t know them or their policies. I understand that is how the student elections are run at TRU, but that’s not good enough in my opinion.

Let’s make the elections more interesting and credible, start campaigning strongly towards the end of the fall and have major debates and discussions about policy in the Winter. It’s easier said than done, I understand that but it’s worth a try.

Some people may think these elections are meaningless, largely because the people in the student’s union don’t have as much power as they would have us believe. Despite that, being in the students’ union looks good on a resume and so the positions in the students’ union are extremely valuable.

People also need to start treating the elections like a true competition, candidates at times were a little too sensitive. I mean it’s politics, there are no real friends.

Let people have a go at each other, that might help bring a little more attention to the elections and it would make for good viewing for those people who care.

I respect the people in the students’ union and I’m sure they work hard to get into those positions, I just believe the current election system can and should be improved if we are supposed to take it seriously.

Alvin Mutandiro

Sports Editor