2018 TRUSU General Election results

PSA secures victory over Yours Truly, taking 16 of 19 positions

The Progressive Student Advocates (PSA) have won the 2018 TRUSU General Election by a large majority.

Unlike last year, where only three of the 19 available positions were contested, this election saw fierce competition between the incumbent slate, PSA and the opposition, Yours Truly. Tatiana Gilbert has been elected for another term as TRUSU president, while Cole Hickson has been elected to serve another term as vice president external.

Sierra Rae, who was previously the women’s representative in the 2016/17 academic year, has been elected as the new vice president equity. Simranjit Singh, previously the international representative, has been elected vice president internal. The position of vice president services was won by PSA candidate Samantha Baker.

While PSA seems to have swept Yours Truly, it was a close race for most positions, with PSA candidates only achieving victory by a hundred or so votes.

Yours Truly candidates Swagatam Mujumber and Abu Taj won both positions on the services committee, however PSA did not have candidates running for those positions. Yours Truly candidate Arman Gill won a position on the entertainment committee as well.

According to TRUSU, voter turnout for the election was 21 per cent – more than double last year’s turnout of 9.4 per cent.

Elected candidates will take their positions after the end of this semester.