TRU welcomes two day Pow Wow

IDays finishes with a lively display of Indigenous culture

Like it has in years before, the Pow Wow marks the official end to a week of cultural celebrations on TRU’s campus. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

TRU closed out their annual IDays celebrations with a two day traditional Pow Wow at the Old Gym to honor the Secwepemc land TRU is located on.

Day one of the Pow Wow started with a tobacco offering by both the young and old. Offerings were given to praise the land, the community and pray for those who need it. The tobacco was placed on five coloured square pieces of fabric to represent all the colours of the world.

As an elder prayed over the five tobacco offerings, five men participated in the tradition of tying of the fabrics to commence the Pow Wow.

The afternoon proved to be a very inclusive and caring environment with the many prayers and thanks that were given to the community.

The Grand Ceremony started strong with the songs and drums of the host drummers, Sage Hills, as dozens of traditional dancers and tribe royalty danced through the centre of the gymnasium.

The room was lively as the sounds of traditional songs carried through the gym along with the beating of the drums and jingles of bells that adorned countless outfits.

The Secwepemc community opened their arms to non-indigenous visitors and took the time to educate those of the importance of their songs. They spoke on how the songs honored the warriors of their past who fought for their freedom and culture.

The lively event acts as the closer for the 2018 TRU IDays; finishing a week of cultural events with the celebration of the original culture of our land.