2018 Kamloops Film Festival: The Party

Think of everything that could go wrong at a dinner party, then add murder and cocaine. That was the chaos that engulfed Sally Potter’s hilariously dramatic film The Party.

Following a successful political campaign, we are introduced to the main-character, Janet, bustling around prepping for an intimate dinner party in her London home. Shortly thereafter we meet her husband Bill in a rather bizarre manner.

The whole first 15 minutes are virtually dialogue free, building the tension of the bombshell that Bill will later drop. From there on, the dinner party declines at such a rapid pace that as a viewer you can’t help but laugh at the misfortune of the guests.

Janet’s hilariously blunt friend April acts as the voice of reason in the film, even if the reason she’s spewing was uncalled for. Her witty quips and often harsh insults towards her eccentric partner and life coach Gottfried left the crowd in stitches.

Potter’s progressive dark comedy leaves you confused in some moments only to dramatically bring you back with humor. The film is refreshing, dramatic and left you wanting to know exactly what happened after the final guest arrived.