2018 Kamloops Film Festival: The Divine Order

The Divine Order is not only a film that must be watched today for its personality, charm, well-made characters and message, but also for the significance that it holds as a history piece that is very rarely discussed: that being the anti-voting laws for women in Switzerland in the 1970s.

The film revolves around a housewife’s journey in Switzerland to overcome both the population that doesn’t desire for their way of life to change, as well as her own personal relationships being affected by her desire for equality.

The film uses both humor and grabs your attention right out of the gate with its main character having both charisma and relatability. It also introduces just-as-likable side characters, who watch those on the fence with no disrespect, but instead a desire to understand the goal they are after.

The tone of this film has you continuously interested with its sense of humor flourishing when it needs to, yet leaves room for the heavier themes ready to be looked at and digested. All in all, the film holds strong on the theme of equality yet respects its objectors and is well worth the price of admission.