2018 Kamloops Film Festival: In the Fade

This film is the definition of a plot that is saved by its ending. The premise is about a woman who has lost her family to an attack and the events that transpired afterward. The filmmaking was well done and the main lead was terrific in her performance.

However, the entire film’s pace was very off as there would be very tense scenes one moment and then three scenes to counteract it with mindless information that not only doesn’t add anything to the film, but makes you root against the protagonist.

The entire film is dependent on the audience empathizing with her feelings of tremendous loss, yet we only have two minutes of screen time with the people she’s lost. There was no connection which made the tone of the film that more of a chore to get through instead of enjoying.

That is however, until the ending, where the last 20 minutes captivate you and turn a very dull puzzle into a decently crafted movie.