TRU gallery offers alternative views of art

Newest feature Expansion showcases non-traditional art practices

Expansions focuses on non-traditional art. (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

The newest art gallery feature, Expansions, opened this week at TRU. Many students and faculty gathered for the opening reception on Feb. 27th to meet the art students and professors from the VISA 3630 Painting and Drawing class that created the project.

As the name suggests, Expansions offers a unique point of view into the creative expressions of the individual artist.

“Our challenge is to start with the conventions of drawing and painting and then push that, how far can you take a drawing or painting?” said student Elizabeth Sigalet speaking on the motive behind the gallery.

In no way are the pieces in the gallery similar to one another, with some paintings incorporating printed images, while other artists focused on compiling found objects together.

For many of the students, the experience was a break from traditional art practices, reinforcing the theme of the gallery. For others, the project was emotional.

“It’s an expression of an abusive relationship I was in,” spoke Laura Mackenzie as she explained the meaning behind her work, a painting of two figures in an embrace.

Students of the art course also collaborated on a large mural of combined images, using the theme of ‘lines’ to bring the images together.

“I love seeing different materials, mediums and approaches used. You can see different personalities here,” said Ruba Alshoshan reflecting on the group piece.

Expansions will be at the Art Gallery until March 8.