Letter to the editor

Re: When will Hillside Dr. North be improved?

Hillside Drive North is the easiest route to both the North Shore and downtown Kamloops from the university. (Wade Tomko/The Omega)

For those of us who are senior students, Hillside Drive North, the road behind TRU, was a welcome and eagerly anticipated addition. Especially now with affordable and daily parking slowly disappearing, most students are choosing to park in lot N. But it’s time for improvement on Hillside Drive North, not just for convenience, but for safety.

The lack of a left turn at Hillside Drive North and University Drive North is very discouraging, so much so that it is common practice to drive a little further to Bunker Road and pull a U-turn. I was one of six cars on a Friday morning pulling a U-turn out of seven cars that drove up the hill. But more than that, once we had all turned into the University, another car stopped half way up the hill and crossed traffic to turn into the oncoming lane and drive up the left side of the road past the barrier.

I would love to gain the extra five minutes a left turning lane would provide, but more importantly, I don’t want to see any fellow students get ticketed or worse, injured, trying to make it to class.

It’s been long enough. When will we see the much needed improvement on Hillside Drive North?

Kasahra Atkins

Concerned Student