2018 Kamloops Film Festival: Tulipani

Each year, The Omega reviews the films presented at the Kamloops Film Festival. The festival runs through March 10.

Mike van Diem’s uplifting and joyous Tulipani is a colourful take on romantic comedy. Raised in Montreal, we are introduced to Anna, who sets off to fulfill her mother’s request to return her ashes to where she was initially from; Puglia, Italy.

Not long after encountering her mother’s old friend Immacolata and her son, Vito, the three are interrogated by a police inspector for a lighter found at a crime scene. They are forced to recount the adventures of Anna’s father Gauke and the legacy he left through the sale of his tulips or “tulipani.”

The film adopts a storytelling format which van Diem and co-screenplay writer Peter van Wijk embrace with the use of hyperbole and ridiculousness. Although they did use it intentionally for comic effect, it became excessive and childish closer to the ending with the unnecessary amount of flatulence jokes.

However, the film does compensate with some fabulous comedic moments scattered throughout. The cinematography is vibrant while featuring beautiful Mediterranean scenery and although the film partially lost its footing, overall it remained a very pleasing surprise.