TRUSU awards will recognize excellence on campus

Awards looking to recognize both students and staff who have made TRU better


The TRUSU Awards of Excellence will recognize students, staff and faculty across six categories. The awards look to recognize members of the TRU community for making the universities campus and the wider Kamloops community a better place.

Tatiana Gilbert, TRUSU’s president, says that this has been many years in the making.

“There’s so many incredible people on campus, staff, faculty, professors, students, leaders on campus that really make TRU an incredible place to work, to live, to learn, to study,” Gilbert said.

Students and faculty can be nominated for an Award of Excellence for a number of reasons, from supporting educational aspirations to demonstrating community leadership. TRUSU has committed to handing out nine awards yearly amongst the six existing categories.

The first category for the awards is TRUSU Student Empowerment Award, which can go to a student or an employee who empowers students to participate as engaged citizens on campus or in the broader community.

Then there is the TRUSU Student Support Award, which can go to a student or an employee who supports students in professional or educational aspirations.

The TRUSU Student Advocate Award will go to an individual who helps advance political will or policies in the interest of students and can go to an employee or a student.

The TRUSU Teaching Award will be awarded to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in teaching, while the TRUSU Research and Scholarship Award will go to an employee who facilitates student participation in research and scholarship.

The final award is the TRUSU Club Leaders Community Service Award and will go to a student who demonstrates community service through club leadership.

Awards will be given to students in the form of a $2,000 tuition fee credit and to employees as a $2,000 professional development fund. TRUSU hopes to use these awards to celebrate people on campus who really go above and beyond to make TRU a better campus overall.

“We just felt like we should have some form of formal recognition for those individuals, where members of the TRU community can vote or put a nomination forward,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert adds that it was important to have awards for faculty and employees of TRU along with students because they help shape the path of a student’s academic career.

“You come to campus and nothing would be able to be run if it wasn’t for having professors in the classroom inspiring students to go out and change the world to having janitors come and maintain the classrooms and facilities,” Gilbert said. “There’s not just a textbook involved in a student’s education, but there is so many other individuals that play key parts on campus.”

The deadline for nominations is Feb. 23 and nominations can be made by TRU students, TRU employees and community members. To nominate someone for an award you can visit