The Modo Lounge opens their door for the second year

Offering a variety of tapas, the Modo Lounge is the classiest joint to eat at on campus

Experience premiere dining at TRU’s very own Modo Lounge every Thursday and Wednesday. (Cailyn Mocci/The Omega)

TRU and the faculty of adventure, culinary arts, and tourism is adding to the dining options of campus with a Red Seal prepared tapas lounge. The Modo Lounge is up and running and accepting reservations.

The Modo Lounge started as an idea from the dean of the faculty of adventure, culinary arts, and tourism, Doug Ellis. This is the lounge’s second year running on campus.

Modo translates to “just now” in Latin, an idea that the creators ran with. The lounge is set to be featuring changing dishes, drinks and specials to keep everything new and exciting. This ever-changing menu keeps the students involved up to date on the changing trends in the hospitality business.

The Modo Lounge was created as a hands on lab linked with the lecture class Catering and Service Management taught by Jarita Heer. With this hands on experience, students will learn the different styles of service

“Some of [the students] have never had service experience so it gives them the opportunity to be hospitable,” said hospitality instructor Derek Bernier, who is overseeing the production of the lounge.

Guests of the lounge will be treated with a top notch meal prepared by TRU Red Seal chefs Ed Walker and Adam Florence. The students in the culinary program have not yet joined the Modo Lounge team but there is room for additions in the future if the instructors see fit, according to Bernier.

The students in the hospitality field can use the experience in the Modo Lounge to improve their knowledge of the service industry even further, while still providing a great experience for the TRU community.

The Modo Lounge is open every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Culinary Arts Training Centre. Each ticket is $25 and includes access to a buffet and tapas bar. There is also a cash bar available for those 19+.

The lounge asks that if you are going to join them for a meal you first make a reservation. They welcome all groups big or small. Tickets can be purchased at the Scratch Café or by emailing