Emergency phones seeing overhaul after faults discovered

Number of technical issues with TRU's Code Blue emergency phones found last summer

Code Blue emergency phones, like the one above, are being overhauled
across campus after issues were discovered last year. (Justin Moore/The Omega)

The functionality of TRU’s Code Blue emergency phones was brought up in the last TRU Board of Governors meeting held on February 2nd.

In the summer of 2017 a technical issue was reported in one of the phones when a TRU employee attempted to use a phone for a first aid call. An investigation was later launched looking into the performance of the campus wide system.

It was shortly discovered that multiple emergency phones required new and improved audio components, while some were found with dangerously leaking batteries.

Many phones had also been spontaneously dialling the Williams Lake campus switchboard without user impute or operation and without reason.

When it came to repairing the phones, TRU opted to save on costs and fix the phones in house rather than sending entire consoles to the service provider in the United States.

The Office of Safety and Emergency Management worked with Information Technology Services to successfully reprogram an install existing motherboards, saving not only money but shortening the length of downtime of the defective phones.

Going forward, the OSEM and ITS have worked towards finding a more supportive service provider for the emergency system and plan on eventually replacing all emergency phones campus wide.

A Canadian provider is currently being tested that will not only improve customer service, but TRU will also see a $50,000 CAD savings or roughly 50% of costs for technology purchase and initial installation.

TRU will also save on costs that went towards duty charges and non-productive time during phone services coming from the United States.