Three construction projects to be completed by 2020

Campus expansion continues with three new buildings to be constructed within two years

TRU’s new trades building, still under construction. (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

Within the next two years, three major construction projects are slated to be completed on TRU’s campus.

By the start of 2018’s fall semester, the Industrial Training and Technology Centre will be open for business. Though much work still needs to be done to the building, construction is more than 40 per cent complete as of last month, according to Les Tabata, TRU’s director of capital projects.

“We want to open for the fall semester, so we need to complete that building in July or August in order to have time to bring in furniture and have equipment tested and delivered,” Tabata said.

Before the ITTC is even finished however, TRU will begin another major construction project on campus. Though the building is still in the development phase, the Nursing and Population Health building is slated to start construction on April 1 of this year.

TRU plans to have most of the construction on that building completed by the fall of 2019 so students can use the facility for the winter 2020 semester.

“That project is not as advanced as the trades building, because we are of course still in the design portion,” Tabata said. “We are targeting for January of 2020 for the opening of that building.”

In addition to the ongoing capital projects by the university, The Reach, a commercial residential development on campus, will see its first building completed by August 2019. Creston House, which is now over half sold according to Chantelle Stone, The Reach’s marketing and communications manager, is expected to be open to residents for the fall 2019 semester.

“The expected completion date for the Creston House is 18-24 months, typically, from the lease’s signing, which was in September,” Stone said. “So they have until about September 2019 to complete. I think they are obviously aiming for the August of 2019 so that they can have people in for the start of the school year.”

In addition to this, Kelson Group, who owns the property directly west of Creston House, will begin construction on a rental-purpose building this spring, says Stone. From that point, they will have 24 months to complete the construction as per the lease.

The Reach will also be taking the front corner of TRU’s property, 800 University Drive, which sits directly across from the Landmark Centre. However, no construction is currently planned for the land.

“The space where that pathway is that connects Superstore to the University, that parcel of land is going to market this year,” Stone said. “So we won’t see any construction in the immediate future, but you’ll see some activity around that property and some interest. It’s moving along a lot quicker than we anticipated.”