Law students face off in hockey game

TRU 3Ls and alumni defeat 1Ls and 2Ls 10-9 in rivalrous hockey game

The TRU law class of 2018 (3Ls) and the TRU alumni defeated the law classes of 2019 (2Ls) and 2020 (1Ls) 10-9 at the Sandman Centre, in Kamloops, B.C., on January 13.

The 3Ls and alumni wore red and yellow jerseys whilst the 2Ls and 1Ls had white jerseys.

Early on the game was very tight with neither side giving each other the edge, the atmosphere in the Sandman Centre was friendly but competitive. It was clear from the onset that both teams were there to win the contest.

Towards the end of the first period the 2Ls and 1Ls started dominating and took a stunning 3-0 lead. The 3Ls and alumni were able to score a goal just before the end of the period to keep things interesting.

In the second period the game was less cagey, the 3Ls and alumni scored a second goal to narrow the score to 3-2 but just as it seemed as if the 3Ls and alumni were going to even up the score the 2Ls and 1Ls pulled away again to lead 4-2 halfway through the second quarter.

From that point on the game was very back and forth as the lead changed numerous times. At the end of the third period the 3Ls and alumni had taken the lead 7-5 going into half-time.

There may not have been a full house at Sandman Centre, but there was a strong enough crowd presence to make the contest seem more important.

The final period was just as exciting as the first two, with both teams scoring plenty of goals. Going into the final minutes of the contest the 3Ls and alumni led the contest 10-9.

All the pressure was on the 2Ls and 1Ls to come up with something special and memorable, as such they received some support from those in the crowd.

The 2Ls and 1Ls got creative and attempted a long-range effort, but the 3Ls and alumni did enough in defense to keep them out.

As the game ended at 10-9, it felt less like the end of a hockey game and more like a Mexican standoff, such were the momentum shifts, a game that started with the 2Ls and 1Ls dominating, turned into a back and forth thriller.

At the end of the contest as both teams took a picture together, as is tradition after these games, it felt like an evening worthwhile for both the players and the spectators.

Photos by Juan Cabrejo