Conference will focus on privacy and security threats

The upcoming TRU Privacy and Security Conference aims to raise awareness on digital organization.

Hugh Burley, the Manager of Information Security at TRU, says the conference will focus on today’s digital age and how privacy and security can deal with new threats and policies.

“The current state of privacy and what we might expect in the coming year are going to be important topics,” Burley said.

The theme for this year’s fourth annual conference is privacy and security in digital organizations. Burley says the theme will create some interesting conversations on privacy and security functions in a digital world.

“We have that whole privacy focus, which as I said is very key to driving how we treat information,” Burley said.

The conference will take place over one day and will include a keynote with Drew McArthur the B.C. Privacy Commissioner, a panel discussion with Hugh Burley, Brian Mackay, Micheal Barr and Dave Kubert, as well as a variety of talks.

Topics for the various talks include securing mobile devices and data, legal accountability in social media, identity theft and holistic security for cloud adoption.

Burley adds that topics discussed at this conference could be essential knowledge for students entering a variety of careers.

“Whether you are in computing science or business, you very much have to be aware of the role of information security and privacy in your environment and in your code,” Burley said.

The event will take place on Jan. 31 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Campus Activity Centre Grand Hall. Admission for the event is free, but attendees are required to RSVP by emailing